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Hi Yall! I'm Amanda and this is my story. 

  I have this reckless love for getting things off the curb. I am very passionate about other peoples trash and I am a habitual offender of trash digging. My love for antiques and vintage items have me on a irreversible path of irresponsibly thrift store shopping and estate sale attending. I'm an "old things" junkie. Ultimately I seek to use my creativity to inspire and make others smile. Recycling one piece at a time! 
This is my true passion and who I am. I love the story behind each and every piece. Everyday I strive to be the very best version of me, and love to spread the message of Art in any form. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Because I am strung out on this trash, I often get sucked into the Consultant role by my friends and family.  I have had a wide variety of experience with furniture recyleing and upscaling, all being self-taught through experience with trial and error.    
(lot's of error) 

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----> I absolutely love what I do. It's a true passion. I take my time with each piece and treat it with the upmost love and respect. I also have a lot of fun! Your satisfaction is what makes me strive, smile, and keeps me alive.