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  1. From The Curb To The Store!
    From someones trash pile to the trunk of my car (I have been wishing for a truck) straight to it's new temporary home (My make shift shop in my garage!!) I inspect each and every piece that I pick up. I disinfect them and clean them with biodegradable cleaner. I repair what needs to be repaired, then I began the restoration/recycling of the project.
  2. Our Locations...
    ----> We cover the Mid-Cities and surrounding areas. Arkansas at certain times of year. I am willing to do work for anyone interested if you want to ship me your piece at your expense both ways. I will also give counsel for a small fee. Paid through Venmo or PayPal.
  3. Policies...
    ----> Our POLICIES. Everything I have in my shop has been previously loved. Nothing will be like the other, and has imperfect markings. Please inspect it closely before you purchase, just to be certain that you LOVE it! ----> We would hope that nothing would need to be returned, but I'm more than willing to work with you in the event of unhappiness. Shipping cost will be at the customer’s expense. I can not stress how important it is for you to inspect closely before purpose, I really do appreciate you so much, I want you to love it!
  4. My Services...
    ----> Once I find my treasures, I restore and recycle to be sold in my shop. ----> We offer furniture restorations to your own pieces. Estimates upon request. (Local area only unless travel expenses are paid in advance). ----> Photography services include, but not limeted to: Family, Maternaty, New Born, Baby's first year, Children, Animals, Weddings, High School Senior Shoots. Please Shoot me an email with any questions. amanda@onceuponacurb.com
  5. I Can Always Use Old Stuff... Please and Thank you!
    Old left over Paints, Sander, Sand Paper, Paint Brushes, Sponges, Saws, Drills, Staples, old shop rags, extra wood pieces, old hardware, Pieces of fabric, Cotton, light bulbs, broken or discarded furniture, old wooden jewelry boxes, just to name a few....
  6. Recycle As Much As You Can!!
    I try my very best to recycle most things. I keep so much stuff that I literarily run out of places to put it! I can't help it y'all, I Love to keep things to give away to others free for craft purposes. RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE, RELOVE and REPEAT!! click here for more info on the things I keep and donate.
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